Men with glasses passed by, he scratched his head.
Two guys with huge bamboos stick passed by, they seemed happy.
A Coca-cola distributor asked if this was Chelsea College of art, we said yes.
A girl passed by and asked what was this about. I said I was trying to do a random fanzine and that I was collecting material for that. She said she was going to have a tutorial and she would come back to do something.
Someone passed with high hills and I imagined to have 30 people with high hills doing a march that would be called horses.
We were talking about doing a party here on Friday and some performances.
Brian said this has to be dismantled by Monday.
I received a text from a friend saying she check on the Internet and she is orientated.
Neither you nor me can quite understand what she means by that.
I changed the music; I didn’t feel comfortable with the other one, the new one is in Spanish , there is less chance of people understanding the meaning of this music.
There is a guy staring at me, he is smoking and doesn’t say anything, he’s just looking.
The girl I mention some lines before passed with out looking and didn’t participate…it’s good any way.
Now I’m listening Lou Reed “ Andy’s chest” song and I find this particular part of the song a good and funny one
“…Yesterday, Daisy Mae and Biff
were groovin' on the street
And just like in a movie
her hands became her feet
Her belly button was her mouth
which meant she tasted what she'd speak, ooohhh
But the funny thing is what happened to her nose, ooohhh
It grew until it reached all of her toes, ooohhh
Now, when people say her feet smell, they mean her nose…”
I just receive a call from the university of arts London asking, after my post graduation diploma in fine art what was I doing. Was is it easy to find a job?
I said I continued my studies doing the MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art.
My sister&Bettina pumped in. We had a nice time. They did some drawings and give me some ideas. We chat for several minutes.
From 30 seconds to 30 seconds people pass by.
Now we have a meting in the triangle space, I think its to discuss What will happen to the floor…not shore!
Tomorrow I’ll continue.
Locking the house?
Good morning
Kang Wook Lee passed by, he was going to throw away a green triangle of fake field, it was part of his installation in the interim show, space 33. I asked him if I could keep it to make a nice entrance to the wooden house. He said with a happy Face, YES.I was happy too.
A girl asked me what was this about. I explained, we talked.To be free is a kind of abstract feeling. Then she made a comment about the signs outside. Specifically the one that says:
Work Hard
Be Nice to people
Have a Nice Day
She said she was smocking yesterday and looking at it and it was good to see that sign.
Jeetti came and I helped her caring her table into the studio upstairs.
The wind is soft
Ian, Scot and I were talking about the committee of mussels to take down the shed
Monday is the dead line, it will be in that day.
Smiley face passed by
Thinking face passed by
A group of students passed by the only part of the conversation I heard was
"...1, 2 or 3 glasses of wine..."
Decided to put the material for the fanzine on the shed walls.
Jacopo went here did a drawing and chat with me.
Ian just come now it’s me him and Jacopo.
People are slowly going out of the school.
The music makes the difference to the atmosphere of the wooden house in this particular situation.
I’m going to ask Marcus if he wants to do something for the fanzine.
He might do something.
Someone I spoke before is doing something for the fanzine. His French.
Nice guy, he likes the project. I said that in the end I’m going to give the fanzine to the Library. He seams enthusiastic while doing the drawing, the table shakes a lot.Et Voilà he said.
More people passing by.
For the committee of mussels we’ll need or fire or tools to take this down.
In one minute two persons asked me for rizzlas. It’s nice that I can smoke in here!
It has been a good experience I even found a speedo’s swimwear , a new one, still packed- Fastskin FS-PRO I heard the new records has been taken by professional swimmers with these new kind of swimwear. I might go swim soon.
Marcos did it. Gosha said when she would come back from the wood workshop she will contribute for the forest of signs.
The sun is felling a sleep.
Need to pi! Putting the sign “I’ll be right back”
John from the wood workshop passed and said his hello in his really personal way with out words.
Missi is coming! Going to ask to contribute. We’ll see what happens
Occupation might be a good solution for this shed, it’s a shame that will be destroyed.
It’s such a nice place and such a nice generator. Could be a really nice studio. It has life.
Front desk guy asked me where was the sleeping area. I said it’s upstairs.
3 students came, they are also doing a zine. Tomorrow they will come and contribute.
I feel that, more time I spend here more I want to be here.
The light is on now, directed to the drawings. I going to take a photo.
Et voilà
Missi and Gosha are drawing, Eugeene came and said he will do a poem and will give me tomorrow. I recorded them wile they were drawing.
This seams to become more consistent.
The drawings in the wall are slowly shaking with the wind. Good stuff, as Brian says.
Tom Said for me to take good care of Gosha’s drawing because will have a high value in the future! She’s still doing it. It is beautiful. Tom will also do something tomorrow.
I went to triangle space and grab all Jocopo pens, going to count and see if I can at least do one photocopy of the fanzine. 1.35 pens

Sybil did a quick one.
One unknown person came in. joined me and Gosha and decided to do a drawing as well.
I’m tired, I might close this soon. 5:50 PM It was a productive day. I have a reason to drink a beer.
I found a pink potato from Ian’s work. Can be part of the Zine.

Holly is here.
DONE, starving and sleepy
First meeting of the day, HEALTH&SAFTY Ladies. The one who speaks and the one who just looks at you with a worried look. They were worried with my safty,
“I don’t want you to be electrified”
I need an outdoor extension, if I want to have music in here, which I think it’s almost essential.
Any way she said I did a good job!!! it’s the fife day I’m here.

Kristable came and is doing a drawing; she’s glad that she can work and smoke at the same time.
You should have fill a risk assessment form!
Yes I should have done one if I would know that I would do this, Two weeks before.
Spontaneity doesn’t have space in this structure.

Lunch time.
Smiley faces again.
Artshop guy passed with a cardboard box to throw it away.
I’m going to try to find an outdoor extension.
I didn’t try.
Ian conversation.He told me a story of an archaeology book about Babylonia, he discovery that the book he found in the library by chance, which is a recent publication, has been donated to the Library. Then he saw that the donation was from the author of the book. After he got to know that the author is actually a tutor from the first year of interior design. She has a degree in architecture.

It’s Friday, ghost school.
Production of posters for the event tonight.
Louise pumped in, we had a chat about the shed and about the event tonight. She will make performance and then we will have some music and drinks. We’ll try to get more documentation of the use of this shed, to then put all the documentation together, to try to stop the demolition. Not shore…
A girl threw a paper to the bin, she was so confidant that the paper hit the edge of the box and fell to the ground and she didn’t notice. The paper is still there!
I’ve got it, it’s from a chocolate coin.
Louise brought a sculpture for the fanzine, I don’t know how am I going to put it in the fanzine. I think I’m going to take a photo. And I can describe.
It’s in the inside corner of the shed, a Tupperware with water and soap from the inside of the Tupperware is a really long fluorescent yellow straw in a vertical position leaning against the corner.
I did an illustration of it, also took a photo.
P eople wants wood from the shed, at least will serve for something after all.
The sun appeared.
Hellos here and hellos there.
Pablo said hello.
16% of battery in the computer, now that I don’t have energy in the shed I have to go to the studio to charge my computer. I’m going to have an half hour brake.
Putting the sign “I’ll be right back”
I stayed in the studio for a long time was warm and I looking at the documentation I already have.
Packing all the material now, keep this clear for louise performance. Wood workshop stuff came in. They were the technicians who were suppose to take the shed apart, and they were going to be extra paid for that…well I’m sorry.
-Is the sign yours?
-Is perfect.(smiley face)
Last day, Louise is here she’s up to perform whatever happens.
I gave her some money, she is going to grab some beer.
I went to the studio, to inform some fellows, they are coming along.