OK , so don't know where to begin...this sign has been in the wooden shed, which was destroyed today. meanwhile we had a salon show tonight, After taking apart the shed I took the sign directly to the salon!after the salon I was taking me and the sign back home.I was with Gosha in the tube, and a guy come to us saying " can I see your sign?" "Yes Yes you can" "WORK HARD - BE NICE TO PEOPLE- HAVE A NICE DAY" " that's the kind of sign you see in the morning, have you been with that all day?" " no.. bla bla bla we explained" and we talked more, and about other stuff.

we arrived to bank tube station and we were waiting for the other train when suddenly a couple come to us: " are you from Chelsea?" " yes " oohh the sign" " did you see the sign before?" "yes" " can I give a huggggg?" " yeeesss" COOL, see soon bbyyyy

we continued the journey by taking the train in the central line. my station arrived and IN the end I gave the sign as present to the guy we met in the beginning. gosha and him continued the journey.